Saturday, June 20, 2009

Story of the Ant in Lalgarh

Facts: "Media commentary on Lalgarh seems to miss out one crucial fact: Till less than a month ago, it was not a Maoist fortress but a place where a fascinating experiment with a new kind of politics was being done. Maoists were there but they had to go along with the mood inside Lalgarh, which was certainly not one of forming 'dalams' or roving guerrilla squads. In fact, as People's Committee Against Police Atrocities (PCPA) leader Chhatradhar Mahato told The Times of India this week, "if the state government had done even 10% of what we have done, the situation would have been very different." Read more (Article by Aditya Nigam)

Views: When the atrocities took place, the media was nowhere to be seen. Then they (the tribals) revolted and it was "the atrocity" they committed. Hunger... poverty... ignorance... what else can kill the meek and the weak? Those who are strong don't allow themselves to be dominated, but the weak becomes the victim. But it is the fool who underestimates the strength of the weak. Take "ants" for example. A small teeny weeny ant walks towards your plate on the dining table. It takes you a second to squish it. But if it's an army of ants, then beware! If they don't eat you up, they'll surely cause much harm to you. So, if you let ants flourish in your house, it's your fault. Don't take my example literally and start squishing each and every lonely Maoist coming your ways. Squish the way of thought that generates hatred and makes them create an army to kill you. Squish the way of life that oppresses their freedom and happiness and doesn't let them grow. Would I blame the government? No! Would I blame the media? Yes! It was the media that thought that an opressed tribal is a teeny weeny ant, not newsworthy at all. It was the media that was looking for the army of ants to report about. Perhaps we are not the government, but we are definitely the media.


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